The stats that show Arsenal still reign supreme in London?

There was a time when Arsenal were by far the best team in London. Their Invincibles season is yet to be beaten, and probably never will be.

Chelsea have recently toppled the Gunners from their perch in London and are the current leaders in terms of success and silverware over the past decade or so.

The rest of them, like Tottenham and West Ham, aren’t far behind Arsenal, but are still a world away from Chelsea.

But that doesn’t matter when it comes to shirt sales in London. According to a survey by, the Gunners sell 47% of shirts in London, compared to Chelsea’s 35% and Spurs measly 17%.

The findings, based on shirt sales for this season only, shows that despite Chelsea’s Premier League dominance Spurs’ recent improvement, it’s actually Arsenal who remain the best shirt selling club in London.

Not exactly the ultimate statistic to base a club’s success on, but it still gives you a slight idea of who the most supported club in London is.

Although West Ham weren’t included (because Sports Direct don’t sell their shirts), so it’s difficult to assume Arsenal really are the leaders in shirt sales in London…