The TEN ‘big’ reasons to be optimistic about England’s future

England always go into international tournaments with the hopes of the nation upon their shoulders. The press and the fans inevitably think the team are going to win every tournament they enter, and why shouldn’t they, the England team has always possessed some of the finest talent in the World.

Over the past few decades, dreams and hopes have been shattered again and again, as England seem to be on the brink of something major, but never quite able to fulfil the potential they clearly have. After the latest big tournament set-back at last years World Cup, doom and gloom have enveloped opinions and thoughts on the national team, but there are still plenty of reasons to be hopeful.

England is host to some of the finest, and most exciting up and coming young players on the planet. Of course we have got excited about talented young English players in the past, we have seen the so called ‘golden generation’ of Gerrard, Lampard and the rest drawing to an end without glory or the trophies that were promised.

Now is the time for the next generation of exciting English talent to come through, and there is plenty of it around. There is no telling if a young talented player will make it, and they need to be given every opportunity with their club at the top level in order to be successful. There is a long way to go before these players fulfil their talent, but they are definite reasons that there will be a bright future for a nation that craves success like no other.

Click below for ten reasons to be hopeful about England’s future:


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