The TEN Ex-Premier League players who found their success abroad

It is interesting to see the kind of impact players so highly regarded abroad can have in the leading football league in Europe. But more often than not, foreign players struggle to adapt to the physicality of the Premier League, while going on to establish themselves in other leagues where there is less emphasis on strength and power.

It’s also interesting to highlight the number of young players who have made a name for themselves abroad and especially in Spain but failed to get regular playing time in England. There have been a number of extremely exciting players who have shot up the rankings and attracted interest from teams who are prepared to gamble where England’s top teams have lost out.

These players’ successes in other leagues do nothing to harm their status and obvious talent, rather allowing them to re-discover what initially got them such favourable interest in England. But sometimes a player’s best assets just don’t work in the environment of the Premier League, no matter how good they are.

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