The TEN Footballers simply on a ‘Knife-Edge’

Confidence is key. In any given situation, having confidence in your abilities improves your performance. For the modern day footballer self-belief is imperative should you want to become one of the world’s best.

There is no one who promotes this better than Cristiano Ronaldo, who, for all intents and purposes, believes he is the best in the world. While this may not be true in some Argentinian’s eyes, scoring 165 goals in 162 games allows you to have an overwhelming large ego.

However, not every egotistical player has either the abilities or goalscoring record of Ronaldo and these are the players who are on a knife edge, in danger of ruining their careers due to their unwarranted egocentricity.

From the player who believes they are too good for their club, to the star caring more about their looks than their performances on the pitch, this list of ten footballers highlights why some of them, should let their feet do the talking.

Click on Mario Balotelli to reveal the full list of egocentric footballers

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