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The TEN ‘Most Annoying’ Football Analysers

They are the centrepiece reflecting the passion and dedication to the game we love, aiming to sensationalise and celebrate those flashes of brilliance and indeed howling errors witnessed along the duration of a campaign. They are football commentators. Providing the ooh’s and the ahh’s for the sublime and the ridiculous, their familiar tones fulfil the football fan in the accustomed and welcoming spirit of live televised football.

Hold on a second, there’s that one you don’t like though. The one that has a secret passion for Manchester United or the one who throws in so many superlatives it makes you sick to the core. Those ones, right? Whilst we may all may have a private stab at a bit of commentary ourselves in the privacy of our bedrooms, we must accept that we must leave the task in the trusty hands of a few and not sign those day job contract release forms as of yet.

So let us analyse ten of the more annoying football commentators. For one reason or another, their dulcet tones, or should I say their slightly awkward screams of excitement have that canny ability to make us sigh or squirm with a sharpness of anger whilst your team is also playing their worst game of the season. You don’t want to be there. A very frustrating place! I’m rambling (much like one of the following ten natter merchants). Let us begin.

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Article title: The TEN ‘Most Annoying’ Football Analysers

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