The TEN Players That ‘Love a Transfer Deal’

Football fans often get caught up on ‘big money’ transfer deals and rightly so, but what about the players that combine their transfer fee’s to build up an incredible amount of money. Most clubs will have had the sort of player that arrives, plays ok, then leaves the following season and will go on to do that throughout their career.

It will nicely line their own pocket and give them another team to claim ‘they supported as a boy’ as well as giving them another set of fans that can adore them for roughly 12 months. Passed around from club to club, it is usually a striker who clubs feel will solve all of their problems based on their passed goalscoring history but they will once again start well and fade, probably claiming home sickness.

Click on Robbie Keane to unveil the top 10


Be prepared that one of these players has probably played for your club and done the same thing as they usually do but have I missed any of the top ten players that love a transfer out? Let me know on Twitter: @Brad_Pinard


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