The TEN Premier League youngsters that ‘flattered to deceive’

It’s always an exciting time when a young player breaks through the ranks ready to take the world by storm. A product of your clubs own breeding bursting at the seams to run out onto the hallowed home turf and perform in front of the fans sitting in the seat where he used to only a few years prior.

Yes there is always a tangible optimism that sweeps around a football club and a city when a young player makes the breakthrough into the first team and is hailed as the man to fill the bare trophy cabinet with silver wear aplenty. Subsequently people rush to the bookies t0 put the obvious bet on that he will go on to captain his country and lift the World Cup.

All of those prophesied moments before the young prodigy has even laced up their boots and kicked a ball cause a buzzing sensation of hope sweeping around. But with so many young players these days only a handful actually go on to live up to expectations and fulfil the potential scouts saw in them when they were just starting to play the beautiful game.

There have been so many stories of players down the years being touted as the next big thing only to fall so far into obscurity that people barely even remember their name. It’s always saddening to see a player with so much promise easily slip into the darkness and find themselves warming the substitutes bench or plying their trade in the lower divisions. Some may say they are given too much too soon!

Injuries, wealth and just a general lack of desire are just some of the factors that contribute to the downfall of some of the Premier Leagues most talented younger players.

I decided to compile a list of the ten players that I thought failed to build on the promise seen in them during their younger days!

Click on Matt Jansen to unveil the list

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