The TEN transfers to ‘make his mark’ at Manchester United

Had it not been for the changing of the managerial guard at all of the Premier League‘s top three clubs, all eyes would be firmly set upon David Moyes this summer.

Aside from the purchase of Colombian youngster Juan Quintero, we are yet to see what approach the new Manchester United boss will take in the transfer market. He will undoubtedly leave his penny-pinching ways at Everton behind him, and will most likely use the current window to step out of the shadow of Sir Alex Ferguson as much as possible, imprinting his own vision upon the Red Devils.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the TEN potential signings that could help the Scot rebuild Manchester United in his own mould.

Some are transfers Fergie would never agree to, others appeal to Moyes’ specific approach to management and a few are young starlets who could have a serious impact on United’s future.

Click on Luka Modric to reveal the TEN signings to help Moyes forge his own path at Manchester United

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric

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