The TEN ‘Unsavoury Moments’ This Season We’d Simply Rather Forget

We may unfurl the back pages of the newspaper to find out about a sublime piece of skill, an against the odds triumph or a man of the match performance but most seasons, far too often we experience an uglier side to the game and a so-called darker side. The English league campaign is an enduring one spanning ten months of the year and understandably in that time a lot of and controversial incidences and video nasty’s rear their ugly head in that time span. Add in the prevalence of European ties as well and you have an unprecedented number of games for unsavoury instances to unfortunately slip into the fabric of the football season.

This year we have seen crazy score lines, shock results and more exciting attacking play than ever before, but at times we have also been left with a bitter taste in our mouth at some of the more unsavoury elements shaping the campaign; some even justifiably greater than the game itself. Diving has been a factor receiving airtime recently and issues of player power and ruthless ownership have only contributed to a fathomable widening of the relationship between supporters and their respective clubs.

Additionally and unsurprisingly, the match day officials have too been at the centre of unpleasant occurrence’s and anger, groans and sighs have again painted the picture for FIFA’s delusional rejection to embrace the emergence of goal line video technology after some refereeing howlers. So without giving too much more away, let us embark on the top ten unsavoury moments this English football season.

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