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The top 10 most tattooed footballers in the world – agree?

Tattoos have become more socially acceptable as time has passed, there was a time when getting a tattoo was reserved for bikers but nowadays everyone from lawyers to doctors have tattoos.

This certainly doesn’t exclude footballers. In this list we’re going to be counting down the top 10 most tattooed footballers playing today.

Lots of footballers use tattoos to decorate their body and while some are really nice pieces of art, some will leave you scratching your head as to what they were going for, from Liverpool greats to the US stars this list truly has a mixed bags of players from all over the place.

Did you think we left anyone out of this list? If so please feel free to comment on other footballers who are covered in tattoos and you think are worthy shouts to be in the top 10…

10. Daniel Agger

OUT: Daniel Agger:

The former Liverpool defender is absolutely covered in tattoos. Agger has a large tattoo of a Viking on his right arm which follows on to a huge Viking graveyard onto his back, this could be because of his Danish roots.

Daniel Agger is so passionate about tattoos that he even became a qualified tattoo artist. So at least now his playing days are behind him, he’s got something to keep him busy – hopefully his work is as good as the tattoos he currently has!

9. Lorenzo Insigne


Lorenzo Insigne has been in hot form for both Italy and Napoli over the last few season, but we’re not here to talk about that. The nippy Italian winger has plenty of tattoos to place him on this list.

Insigne’s tattoos have a personal element to them, one of them being his son’s name which is an obvious dedication to him. Others include a tattoo that his brothers also have, quite nice to see a footballer stay strong to their family roots!

8. Nigel de Jong

De Jong (Milan)

The tough tackling midfielder is made to look even tougher by his tattoos. Nigel de Jong is well remembered for some of his crunching tackles he has made over the years, some of them less successful than others. However we should also remember some of Nigel’s great tattoos.

The ex-City man sports a number of interesting tattoos from, they are mostly designed by an Indonesian artist to give him a ‘warrior’ look. A warrior is a brilliant way to describe De Jong, so hats off to him and his tattoo artist!

7. Ezequiel Lavezzi

Argentina v Belgium - FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Quarter Final

Now playing in China, the Argentine winger has shown all the right ingredients to be a top class winger, and he has some top class tats to boot. Famed for his time in Naples and Paris the tricky winger has a number of tattoos that are relevant to him and his life.

He has a colour tattoo of Maradona heading a ball which shows his passion for playing for Argentina, he also has many religious tattoos and proves his Catholic faith is important to him, including one of Jesus Christ on his chest. Lavezzi’s image has a lot to do with his tattoos and when they’re as nice as his are, we say more power to you!

6. Aleksandar Kolarov

Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City)

The Serbian has been a steady choice since signing for Manchester City and with 2 league titles to his name he seems to have bought the blue side of Manchester some luck. His tattoos may reflect this too, Kolarov has a traditional Japanese sleeve style of tattoos. The koi fish design he is sporting is said to bring good luck and Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini will be hoping that it was more than just a bit of ink that bought the trophies home!

5. Martin Skrtel

Chelsea v Liverpool - Capital One Cup Semi Final Second Leg

Martin Skrtel is one scary looking guy (though not so much when he had hair) and to encompass that look it would appear as if he got tattoos to match his reputation. Martin Skrtel has two full sleeves of tattoos and some that go onto his back, he has a tattoo proclaiming ‘Veni Vidi Vici’, Julius Caesar’s triumphal quote, meaning ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’. It can be argued that something along the lines of ‘I came, I saw, I gave away a penalty’ would be more fitting for the big Slovak, but if he likes it who are we to judge?

4. Dani Alves

Manchester City v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Second Round First Leg

The crazy Brazilian fullback has won all there is to win at club level. He has been a mainstay in the Barcelona team since joining from Sevilla. The pacey defender is known for being a bit bonkers but his tattoos would suggest the opposite. He too shows respect to his family by having his son’s name tattooed across his chest, he also has his wife’s face in a similar area which for some of us may be too much, but clearly not for Dani.

The turin-bound Alves also has a portrait of Jesus Christ on his forearm, like some other footballers, showing his devotion to religion. A trend develops….

3. Sergio Ramos

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

Champions League winner Sergio Ramos has been solid at the back at club level for Real. The Madridista takes his fashion seriously and has joined the trend of getting tattoos.

Like Insigne, Sergio Ramos too has a matching tattoo with his brother, both getting tribal designs on their wrists. He also has a World Cup trophy inked onto the back of one calf and a Champions League trophy on the other in homage to his two biggest wins as a player.

In 2015 Ramos added an outline of late singer Michael Jackson to his collection of tattoos… it’s always a Thriller when you put Sergio Ramos and Pepe together in defence.

2. Jack Wilshere

Manchester City v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League

Arsenal’s tenacious midfielder has gone from being a young player with potential to a recognised regular for the Gunners and England. Since breaking through Wilshere has committed to the tattooed look, getting a full sleeve among other pieces. Wilshere sports some Catholic tattoos and uses his skin to express his religion.

He also has a tattoo dedicated to his son, Archie, on the inside of his left arm and has a matching tattoo on the other arm dedicated to his daughter Delilah. Wilshere has spoken previously about the family theme of his tattoo and describes himself as ‘quite close to my family so getting these tattoos was an easy decision’.

1. Lionel Messi

Bayern Munich v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi Final First Leg

Lionel Messi. It’s hard to know what to say about the little Barcelona frontman. Greatest player? Tax cheat? Let’s ignore all of that and focus on his tattoos!

Messi spent a large part of his career playing without tattoos but over the last 4 years he has added some brilliant pieces. One of his first noticeable tattoos was that on the back of his leg in which he got his son, Thiago’s handprints inked onto him. He then followed this by getting a football related tattoo on his opposite shin with the number 10 found within the tattoo.

However his sleeve is the tattoo that’s turning a lot of heads. It is a dedication to both the city he plays in, Barcelona, and his religion. It truly is a stunning piece that stands out to even people who don’t like tattoos all that much.

Article title: The top 10 most tattooed footballers in the world – agree?

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