The top five most expensive squads in the Premier League have been revealed

The money in football nowadays is obscene.

The sort of sums paid to players on a weekly basis are far above what many everyday workers can expect to earn over a period of years, while the sums paid just to sign them from another club can sometimes outweigh the cost of repairing damage after natural disasters.

Alas, we all love the beautiful game and, when other celebrity figures such as musicians and actors earn comparable salaries, it is unedifying to get on football players’ backs – after all, being a top level athlete commands real commitment and some pretty unsociable hours of work!

In no other country on the planet is the cash in as plentiful supply as England, with the Premier League utterly dominant in the transfer market when it comes to sheer financial strength.

And this is reflected in the CIES Football Observatory’s recent findings, with nine of the top 20 most expensively assembled first-team squads in any of Europe’s top five leagues found in the Prem.

So, which five are England’s most costly in terms of player fees?