The Top TEN Players who never fulfilled their Premier League billing

Nearly three weeks have passed since the infamous Suarez-Evra handshake affair in the hate-ridden and vociferous cauldron that was Old Trafford that Saturday afternoon. The uglier side of football was brought to light once more as you know, with controversy, rash tackling, theatrics and short tempered managerial post-match feedback setting the tone.

Sir Alex Ferguson; never one to shy away from an opinion (unless it used to be the BBC) added some more fuel to the already raging inferno that day by branding Luis Suarez a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club and that he should not play for them again.

Suarez has always possessed the potential to become one of the world’s true great players, and he still might at the age of 25. But, the controversial Uruguayan frustratingly keeps getting thrust into these unpleasant incidences notably that World Cup handball against Ghana and the bite against PSV’s Otman Bakkal whilst at Ajax.

Suarez’ misdemeanours have given us reason to list our top ten players who never realised their potential during their time in the Premier League. With undoubted levels of talent, the following players either like Suarez, got caught up in controversy, or simply failed to live up to their reputation because of injury or simply poor form.

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