The Top TEN Premier League players that ‘flattered to deceive’

There are a wealth of players out there who have failed to live up to their original promise and since showing early glimpses of great talent, have flattered to deceive at their current club or at a whole host of clubs.

Once labelled the next big thing, or the greatest new talents to have graced the game, they have since spent time almost as a complete mirror image of their former selves, not living up to their original potential, turning in dismal displays week in week out, which show little of the early promise we once witnessed, and cause frustration amongst their clubs fans.

It is hard to explain why some players careers have taken this turn. Perhaps sometimes they have succumbed to their own hype, and struggled to cope with the pressure placed upon them by others who have witnessed these promising performances. The player could even have made the mistake of believing the hype themselves, and feel like they have to attain an unrealistic level set out for them, they could feel a huge amount of pressure upon their shoulders as they struggle to fulfil their talents. Perhaps the intitial promise we witnessed was just a false dawn and they aren’t actually as good as the original glimpses we once saw. Maybe they are being employed in the wrong places and are not able to display their skills and talents in the current position they find themselves in.

Whatever the reasons, there are a huge number of players who are overrated, yet continue to still be utilised week in week out by their clubs much to the frustration of fans as they constantly flatter to deceive.

Click on Obi-Mikel to see the ten Premier League players who continually flatter to deceive:


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