The Top TEN Premier League players who like to ‘con the refs’

The Premier League has been built on a foundation of physicality, strength and competitiveness. It’s all well and good for the entertainment aspect of the game when you see end-to-end action and goals a plenty. It only strengthens the debate that the English league is one of, if not, the very best for entertainment and action.

But then comes that controversial, ugly side of football; like a late, late substitution by the opposition you hoped wouldn’t make an appearance, but diving is all too common and certainly takes away from the integrity of the game. In fact, the very mention of integrity in the modern game has become laughable, but that is the situation we’ve come to accept.

Far too many regular divers and conmen line-up for Premer League clubs each week. And it’s not necessarily the fact that you want to get rid of them as players, but rather highlight and eradicate the persistent diving to win one over on the other team. Common, ugly, and with no rightful place in the game.

Click on Didier Drogba to unveil the top 10



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