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The Top TEN Premier League Surprise Packages

I don’t know about you but I always find it immensely satisfying when I see a newly promoted team or an unfashionable side royally upset the Premier League apple cart and barge head first into the upper echelons like an rowdy, uninvited guest at a swanky dinner party. The monopolisation of the top six has lead to the same teams dominating those positions for the last 10-years or so with the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea playing in a league of their own. They are separated from the rest by the quality players that inhabit their squads and the sheer wealth lying in their bank values waiting to be tapped into. For clubs promoted to the top flight and even those stuck knee deep in mid-table mediocrity the thought of challenging at the business end of the Premier League is a something that rarely enters their heads. Anywhere between 9th and 17th is passable and anything above is a massive bonus and a serious accomplishment.

It hasn’t happened many times in the 20-year existence of the Premier League but on the few occasions a team without the resources and stature of the so called ‘big clubs’ decided they want a place in the illustrious top six, it’s rather exciting to watch. This season Newcastle United, touted as relegation candidates just a few months ago, have made an astonishing start to the campaign going 11 games unbeaten a run which has seen them soar into the top three. For a few hours on Saturday after their win over Everton the Magpies went second which is some achievement considering the troubled pre-season they endured which was documented closely in the press. Whilst their challenge to stay in their current position may ultimately falter as the season progresses it’s safe to say that, as of now, the Geordies are surprising everyone on and off the field.

Their rise to prominence is both remarkable and enchanting evoking memories of sides who have no business challenging at the top flight summit but fancy adding a bit of spice to the Premier League season. You have to admit it’s always a pleasure to watch the underdogs beat the big guns, david slay goliath and the weedy kid kick seven bells out of the school yard bully.

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the Top TEN Premier League Surprise Packages.

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Article title: The Top TEN Premier League Surprise Packages

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