The Top TEN Transfer Certainties This Summer?

Transfer rumours are infinite, some of them materialise from thin air and the majority of them disappear before they’ve really had time to grow. A tiny percentage are actually based in truth. Whether they are dismissed out of hand by those alleged to be involved or are just too far-fetched or tenuous to ever really be believed, the survival rate of the football rumour is like that of baby turtles on a beach, few of them are hardy enough to make it. Every summer however, there are those rumours that persist. Like little Rambo turtles, they are unstoppable, gaining momentum all the time.

So, which are the ten likeliest transfers left to take place this summer? The return of the Fabregas to Barcelona story has been a constant and is hotting up nicely. The Nasri to a Manchester club noises are growing ever louder. The Modric to Chelsea grumblings continue and the flight of Carlos Tevez is an absolute mess that could go either way. These stories are much more than just tittle tattle, there is a chance they might actually happen.

Much of the summer’s business has quickly trundled to completion. Connor Wickham, Ashley Young and Charlie Adam are amongst those already settling into their new socks and surroundings, futures certain, ambitions stated. But there is always a late flurry, so what do we still expect to happen? Who are the names on everybody’s lips and where are they heading?

Click on Gary Cahill below to see the 10 likely transfers this summer


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