The Top TEN ‘worst aspects’ of the Premier League

It is a never ending row that will go round in circles time and again. Just which league is the best? The Premier League, Serie A, the Bundesliga or La Liga? Ours has the best player in the world says a Spaniard. Ours is the most competitive says a German and ours is the most exciting says an Englishman. The school ground essence to the ‘mine’s better than yours’ debate is difficult to quell but if we are to embrace such a dispute, last week’s Europa League action represented the lesser known Athletic Bilbao winning handsomely against the current English champions; Manchester United.

The victory twinned with both Messi’s and Ronaldo’s sparkling form on the Iberian Peninsula has led to some claiming La Liga is indeed the best with a host of competitive teams being uncelebrated beyond the big two. We have a fantastic top division in this country, but in light of Bilbao’s victory and indeed Spain’s dominance on the international stage in general, we thought we would break the mould (and potentially upset a few people) by listing the top ten worst aspects of the Premier League.

Nothing is ever perfect and although punditry panels containing Jamie Redknapp may relentlessly repeat that the Premier League is the best, the division isn’t immune to a few improvements. Let us cast a more critical eye over this country’s prized asset.

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