The ‘Unsung’ Premier League XI Of The Season

Unfashionable, overlooked and unappreciated. Yes, most squads recruit those individuals who quietly get on with their business, only to be lauded in several quarters once in a blue moon. Whilst these players may lack an eye-catching mastery of the football, in the absence of flair comes hard work, dedication to the cause and a personal confidence within their own ability. These are the Premier League’s ‘unsung’ heroes and we thought we would give them the credit they deserve within our latest countdown.

As a fan, it is usually the case that when such a player moves on, you truly get the sense of what they brought to your club and they may have simply been upstaged by some of your more talented professionals. Continuing to be shrewdly cast into the first XI’s by their respective managers, the beauty is in the close detail for these players whose contribution and attributes have certainly not gone unnoticed. For every artist in a team, there has to be a warrior and let us start between the sticks with a goalkeeper who should be knocking on the England door with his impressive string of performances this term.

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