This midfielder should have stayed loyal to Arsenal

Cesc Fabregas will win his first Premier League title after nine attempts at it. But although the mass majority of that time he was an Arsenal player this elusive trophy will be claimed during only his first season with London rivals Chelsea. Fabregas signed with the Blues last summer after his Barcelona dream didn’t quite pan out as expected and so Jose Mourinho gave him a way to return to the league he knew the best.

Chelsea may have stuttered in the Champions League but domestically they have been out in front since the very start. Part of what made the Spaniard choose a move to the Blue side of London was the prospect of winning important trophies and now he’s about to get his wish but at what cost?

At 27-years-old it is understandable that Fabregas will be pleased to finally get his hands on the Premier League trophy come May 24 but what happens next season if the midfielder isn’t playing as well, doesn’t track back like Mourinho wants or if another player comes in and takes his place? Fabregas is very capable in his position but even in this title winning and League Cup winning season he has been criticised through parts of the campaign.

And if he does get dropped in the next few seasons then what will he do? He’ll have already played for two of England’s biggest clubs and he’s tried his luck for one of the top two Spanish teams so a return there would surely be for a smaller, much poorer club.

Fabregas chose glory over loyalty when he moved to Barca. He seemed destined to be like one club man Steven Gerrard who has been willing to risk never winning the domestic title in favour of staying loyal to his team and although we all feel he deserved more from his 17 senior years at the club there is no denying that he is and will always be a legend at Liverpool. Supporters are enormously thankful for his contributions and when he returns from playing in America’s MLS then perhaps he’ll take up a role among the coaching staff at his beloved Anfield.

With just three years until he’ll be on the wrong side of 30 Fabregas is likely to spend the next few years at Chelsea before signing for a wealthy team who rarely actually win anything of importance and then fade into obscurity like most do. While if he’d have stuck it out with Arsenal then Fabregas would probably still be captain and could even have been a future manager of the Gunners, that is how popular and loved he was.

Key signings such as Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla and Mesut Ozil have improved Arsenal’s squad and they look closer to winning the title than they have done in a long time and it is a shame that Fabregas is not around to be a part of that. Surely winning England’s top prize with the club you joined at 16 years old, who nurtured and had the faith to make you their captain despite being very young, would have to feel like a greater achievement. Gerrard could have won numerous trophies with a club like Manchester United but that’s not the way he wanted to win them.

Fabregas has made his choice and perhaps in the long run joining Barcelona and then Chelsea will have been the right one but it does seem like he squandered a chance to become an Arsenal legend in order to get the trophies he wanted. He has emerged to be a very shrewd player who most thought would end up more like Steven Gerrard than Carlos Tevez.