Thousands bored to death by ex Liverpool and Manchester United pundit

Chelsea are boring, Arsenal will definitely finish in the top four – some things never change.

Add Michael Owen’s obscenely bland commentary to the list.

BT Sport viewers and general football enthusiasts must have either suffered communal amnesia or have mass-believed Owen took a crash course in TV punditry over the summer, as Twitter went into meltdown over Owen’s commentary on the Arsenal vs Chelsea┬áCommunity Shield match-up.

I mean, the game was boring enough as it was (Jose Mourinho saw to that as per) let alone when illuminated by Owen’s dulcet tones.

There’s something disturbingly Partridge about Michael Owen’s commentary which – you would think – would make listening to him mildly entertaining. In reality, it makes 90 minutes an absolute ordeal to get through.

Here’s what the internet had to say on the matter…