Three Arsenal players who would make Tottenham’s squad stronger…

Last season was as brilliant as it was unexpected for Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino added a defensive solidity to his team that was sorely lacking the season before. They also played some of the most attractive football in the league last season, uncovering some wonderful young players who shined massively in a title chasing team.

Tottenham’s inability to chase down Leicester and capitalise on the poor form of the more established title-chasing teams led to their eventual demise, even though the youth and vigour of the squad means that they are still perfectly placed for the future.

But if Mauricio Pochettino were to look to his rivals in North London, Arsenal, he’d find that the Gunners have a certain strength in depth in the attacking midfield area that Tottenham don’t possess with the likes of Nacer Chadli making appearances off the subs bench to try to change games last season.

Pochettino is hardly likely to raid Arsenal for their top talent next season, but if he did, here are three players he could look to in order to try and make his squad stronger – not necessarily as starters, but with the Premier League the strongest it’s ever been, every player in the squad will have to have a role as the drive for efficiency and greater options to change games has never been more important. A push for European glory can’t be overlooked either – so a strong squad is a must!

Here are three that would help…

Santi Cazorla

Santi Cazorla

He doesn’t fit the Pochettino mould as such, given that he’s not a young player, but Santi Cazorla would fit right into Tottenham’s team. It’s not just about the ability to run, it’s also about the ability to run the game.

Cazorla’s passing ability would unlock defences for Tottenham, and in games where the opposition pack the defence, Cazorla could link up with the likes of Christian Eriksen and pull the strings, allowing Dele Alli and co to provide support for Harry Kane.

He’d be a luxury player at White Hart Lane, but sometimes you need that flair to add to the disciplined squad that Pochettino already possesses.

Theo Walcott

Sorry, Spurs fans! Theo Walcott has failed to impress at Arsenal for quite a while now. But there is undoubtedly a lot of talent there.

Walcott possesses superb pace and a great touch, when he wants to show it. His finishing ability is always in question, but in Harry Kane and now Vincent Janssen, Tottenham already have that kind of player.

Walcott is still only 26 and looks like he has stagnated somewhat at Arsenal – maybe a move to another club who play a different way would suit him. A club where he’s not under pressure to score the goals but to help create them might suit him.

You’d trust Pochettino to get the best out of him and a Theo Walcott with a new lease of life would be a frightening prospect, especially as an impact player from the bench.

It’s that attacking strength in depth Spurs now need!

Alexis Sanchez

Leicester City v Arsenal - Barclays Premier League

Well you can dream, Spurs fans!

Even if my arguments for Theo Walcott didn’t convince you, there’s probably not a lot I need to say to convince you that Alexis Sanchez is a player who would make Tottenham’s starting XI better, let alone the squad as a whole.

Last season, Spurs were a little bit light in the wing areas. The likes of Eric Lamela and Christian Eriksen were often employed out there, and there is a lack of specialised wide player to give width and as such Spurs relied on the full backs to provide options from the wide areas.

As a result, Harry Kane often drifted wide in matches that Spurs were either chasing or when they needed to unlock a stubborn defence. In reality, you really do need Kane in the box, as England found out this summer.

A player you can trust from the wide areas is what Spurs need, either to provide another option from the bench, or to ignite a spark in the starting XI week after week.

If Theo Walcott doesn’t do it for you, surely Alexis Sanchez will!