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Three of Jose Mourinho’s most controversial moments as manager

Manchester United’s world record signing of Paul Pogba has been big news in recent days, but it has somewhat been overshadowed by a number of off the field incidents that have soured Jose Mourinho’s arrival in Manchester for some.

Instead of everyone talking about what a good player Pogba is, many outlets are instead discussing Jose Mourinho and the approach that he has taken towards several of his players in recent weeks.

Most notably, he has reportedly forced Bastian Schweinsteiger out of the first team picture, forcing him to train with the reserves until he finds himself a new club.  Mourinho’s treatment of Juan Mata has also drawn the ire of football fans,  bringing the Spaniard on in the Community Shield only to substitute him just a few minutes later.

Very harsh treatment by the Portuguese manager; but he is no stranger to controversy.

In fact, his legacy may well be marred by his actions off the pitch; with Jose frequently finding himself in trouble with the FA and drawing criticism from supports.

Lets take a look at THREE of Jose Mourinho’s biggest controversy’s whilst in management.

The Eye-Poking Incident


Following a wild challenge by Real Madrid defender Marcelo on Barcelona’s then-midfielder Cesc Fabregas, a scuffle ensued between the two rival sides.

These scuffles are not uncommon, with the high intensity and high pressured nature of the fixtures often spilling over; but what occurred on the sidelines of the scrap still boggles the mind today.

As opposed to trying to calm down the incident or staying away entirely, footage emerged of then Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho poking Barcelona boss Tito Villanova in the eye in a clip that was shown in the press for the weeks following.

Mourinho was not done there either; continuing to confront Villanova throughout the fixture and making numerous remarks and gestures towards Barcelona stars.

What made everything worse was that following the game, Mourinho refused to apologise for his behaviour, instead suggesting that he was acting in the best interests of his team.

We aren’t sure what you were thinking Jose, but poking the opposition in the eye probably isn’t the best way to defend your players!

The 2005 Barcelona Incident


This story has so many layers that it would be impossible to discuss them all; but we’ll give it a go.

It is 2005, and Chelsea are facing Barcelona in a Champion’s League game, and they would go on to lose the leg 2-1.

A disappointing result, yes – but that is not were the controversy lies.

During the game, Didier Drogba had, somewhat unfairly, been given a red card; and in Jose Mourinho’s press conference, he claimed that he had spotted Barca boss Frank Rickard entering the referee’s chamber during the half-time interval. He went on to claim that he felt the manager and referee were corroborating in a conspiracy to have Chelsea lose the game and get kicked out of the competition.

A very bold claim to make, given that it is against the rules of the game;  and he was eventually proven to have falsified the claim.

The fallout from the game got very nasty; the referee in question was hounded by Chelsea fans and forced to retire from the game, whilst Jose Mourinho received a £8900 fine and two match touch-line ban.

And that is not where the controversy ends. Fast forward to the next round of the competition, where Mourinho was banned from touchline against Bayern Munich.

Instead of staying away from the game, it was reported that he snuck in through a laundry basket and delivered his team talk, before exiting through the same method!

Absolutely mental, and classic Jose! Neither of those incidents went down to well though…

The Eva Carneiro Scandal


Everyone knows about this story, and to this day it is difficult to understand.

Eden Hazard goes down with an injury and calls for the medical team, which included Eva Carneiro to assist him. They go on to the field, and then Jose Mourinho reveals post-match how angry he is at the pair.

He suggests that they didn’t use their heads, and reports emerge that he used a sexist remark to describe Carneiro during the incident.

In reality, the medical team were just doing their jobs – and they didn’t deserve Jose’s treatment. He was completely in the wrong, and the British press and football fans alike made their voices heard about the situation. Everyone was unanimous – what was he thinking?

The issue eventually lead to Carneiro leaving the side and an eventual court tribunal , and many blame the incident for as the first step in Jose’s fall from grace at Chelsea.

A nasty scandal all round.

Article title: Three of Jose Mourinho’s most controversial moments as manager

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