Can you name the 10 largest football stadiums in England?

West Ham’s move to the London Stadium was just the start of a small chain of Premier League clubs deciding they needed a shake up of roots in their home grounds.

It’s well documented that Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool have all got future plans and ambitions of enlarging capacity within each of their stadiums.

White Hart Lane’s renovation is well under way and when finished should have an expected capacity of 61,000, Stamford Bridge have proposed plans to maximise their capacity to 60,000 and Anfield will have its capacity extended by an extra 13,000 to 67,000 – previous ambitious plans for Anfield have held a whopping 108,000.

With all this opportunity for extra ticket sales and increased atmosphere, one things for sure, it will be interesting to see if any further clubs decide to embrace a change.

So as it stands, what are the top 10 largest football stadiums in England? You’ve got just two minutes to name all ten…

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