Top 15 footballers you would ‘like to invite’ to your Christmas Party

With the festive season fast approaching and the planning of Christmas parties being top of the agenda for most people, I have been thinking about the Premier League players I would like to invite to my Yuletide shindig.

Parties need a mixture of good and bad dancers, practical jokers, story tellers, good and bad drinkers, the ones that try it on with all the ladies and those that enjoy dressing up.

So the fifteen I’ve chosen all meet these criteria, while there are also some surprise names on the list. Apologies to John Terry for not getting an invite, it’s just many wouldn’t come in fear of him trying to leave with their wives or girlfriends.

Click on Princess Leia (Michael Duberry) to start the full countdown of party animals, snappy dressers and dance-off champs

Michael Duberry

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