Top Five Greatest Ever Chelsea Goalscorers

It was not that long ago that Chelsea were considered as hands down favourites to win the Premier League title after a season in which they brushed their opponents aside and claim the coveted trophy… but so much has changed so fast since then.

The Blues are definitely feeling blue at the moment down in 15th and are in nothing short of a crisis, with manager Jose Mourinho also under extreme pressure with speculation of a potential sacking.

It seems like such a sudden change for fans and even general supporters of football, and the feeling of Chelsea achieving victory feels far and few between nowadays.

But one can’t forget the past glories of the Blues, as the London club are undoubtedly one of the England’s most successful teams.

And in those teams there have been some great players, in particular great goalscorers, that have catapulted Chelsea to where they are today.

Who are the best? Here are the Top Five Greatest Ever Chelsea Goalscorers!

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