Top Five Greatest Ever Liverpool Goalscorers

Only two seasons ago, Liverpool were breaking records with the amount of goals they were putting past their opponents, and their attacking flair led the Reds so close to claiming their first ever Premier League title… only for it to ‘slip’ away at the tail end of the campaign.

It has been a while since a dynamic front pair have dominated the English top flight, as Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturidge ripped teams apart week in, week out.

It may not have ended with a trophy, but the Anfield faithful will remember the scintillating football under manager Brendan Rodgers, and although the Northern Irishman has been sacked from his post, many are optimistic that new boss Jurgen Klopp can offer them similar entertainment.

But even before the Premier League era, Liverpool have one of the most glorious histories in English football, with several footballing legends making a mark for the Reds.

Who are the top of the lot?

Here are the Top Five Greatest Ever Liverpool Goalscorers!

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