Top Ten Players from 1970s: including Liverpool and Newcastle legends

Yes, football did exist before the Premier League began in 1992, if anything it was better than the modern game.

There were some stunning players to have graced the game, with 70’s football seeing World Cup winners, international stars and some modern-day managers you may recognise in their prime.

Many of these names you probably won’t recognise, as it’s likely your Dad has told you many times who they were, but you chose to ignore the poor man.

The 70’s versions of Harry Kane, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are all included in the list, and have laid way to some of the greatest stars of today.

It was a very different style of play there, with a very different football mentality to match it. No diving, no cheating and no fifth officials. Proper football, done the proper way.

Watch our top players from the 1970’s in the latest FFC video here….

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