Top TEN Premier League players available for HIRE this summer

With finances tight in the modern day Premier League the ability to loan players has taken on greater significance.

Transfer fees, wages, agent fees and bonuses are rapidly inflating every year making permanent transfers for some clubs not even an option. Loaning players on the other hands can prove to be a cheap, short term solution for a few months or the entire season.

Now this list is probably going to be littered with Manchester City rejects who aren’t wanted by Roberto Mancini. But they do have some quality players kicking their heels in the reserve squad waiting for a club to come in and save them. In fact the Premier League is streaming with players who are too costly to buy permanently but just within budget to bring in temporarily.

For the most part it’s promoted teams or those that continually hover in mid-table downwards that look to loan players to help out when transfers become a little too costly or all the money is blown on an expensive foreign import.

However there is evidence to suggest loans actually work for both players and clubs. Bolton Wanderers are testament to that after they signed Jack Wilshere and Daniel Strurridge on loan in consecutive seasons. Wilshere signed in January 2010 for the rest of the season and his performances at the Reebok Stadium catapulted him to England stardom. The same goes for Sturridge after a similar loan spell last season saw him notch eight goals in 12 games and is now considered one of the best strikers in the top flight.

Obviously there are loans that haven’t worked out but lets not get into that as i’m trying to stay positive here. Okay, i’ll mention Patrick M’Boma at Sunderland but thats it!

To summarise, loan players are a marvellous quick fix for any side but don’t overload on them! For me they are like Mars Bars. One is superb but eat too many and disaster will strike.

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