Arguably The 10 ‘most shocking’ Tottenham Kits of All Time

If you’re a Tottenham Hotspur supporter or a fan of any club for that matter, buying a replica shirt these days is extremely expensive business indeed. And although this season’s new kit manufacturers Under Armour have been generally well received, not all in the white half of North London were overjoyed having to pay over £40plus to buy a series of underwhelming designs.

Although before slating the efforts of the current batch of Spurs kits, perhaps now would be a good time to warn fans to be careful what they wish for. Because when you look at some of the designs they’ve been served up to in recent years, they should be absolutely overjoyed with what they’re wearing at the moment.

Few clubs have been sustained to the sort of awesome consistency of garbage that Tottenham have endured over the years. So to refresh their memories to everything from bird-poo graphics to the urban safaris that have carried the famous Cockerel, click below to open the top ten kit shockers of recent times.

Click on Erik Thorstvedt’s shocker below to unveil the top 10

Spurs 1991-1993 Goalkeeper Shirt

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