Bang average Spurs winger involved in Twitter ‘spat’

We all love a Twitter ‘spat.’ Especially when it involves Premier League footballers.

So when Tottenham Hotspur winger Nacer Chadli asked people what they did for a living on Twitter this morning, we thought it was only right to have a little bit of fun with him.

We tweeted him back with a small description of what we thought he did for a living. We like to think we’re an honest bunch here at FFC Towers, so we weren’t particularly looking for a Twitter war, nor were we showing any allegiance to a particular Premier League side. It was just an honest assessment. Honest.

Yet the Belgium international thought he knew better. Yep – he immediately assumed we were Arsenal fans intending to have a pop at a Spurs player at any opportunity.

Obviously we aren’t Arsenal fans. We don’t support a particular team. We simply support football.

So fair play to Chadli for taking part this morning. It’s just a shame he didn’t realise we were actually talking about Andros Townsend.

Still, after that all blew over, we were able to grab the popcorn and watch Arsenal and Spurs fans bicker amongst themselves about who’s the best team in north London. Superb.