Blown out of proportion at Tottenham?


Tottenham have been operating on borrowed time, week after week of ‘getting away with it’ finally unravelled in the bruising capitulation on Sunday. If losing 3-0 to local rivals West Ham wasn’t sign enough of the demise, Premier League humiliation at the hands of Manchester City surely signals the beginning of the end. He hasn’t got a clue; tactically naïve and overhyped, it is time to change.

The honeymoon period is over, AVB hasn’t delivered; anyone got Ian Dowie’s number?

The noisy minority reared their heads once more on Sunday, and this wasn’t surprising given the nature of the defeat. Football is a reactionary and inflammatory sport at the best of times, but more than 24 hours on from the debacle; it is time to get real.

People seem to get frustrated by constantly describing Spurs as ‘in transition’, as if that excuse only washes for a few weeks. Spurs fans need to wake up and realise that this revolution isn’t a question of weeks, probably not even months, but years. To even be in the Champions League reckoning this year would be an achievement, and failure to realise that is wholly naïve. This is all about long term investment and vision, something that Daniel Levy has signed up to but clearly not the White Hart Lane faithful themselves.

Of course it is difficult to see this when you have just been hammered 6-0, but the contempt for AVB and his revolution has been apparent for a number of weeks now. The feelings after the City game aren’t anomalous, they are the continuation of a worrying pattern of delusional Spurs fans that have absolutely no understanding of the long term aims for their club.

Spurs sit 2 points off the Champions League places after playing the majority of the top sides already, yet to play well, for me the only way is up. Playing without the swashbuckle of previous seasons, it is only a matter of time and patience before Spurs get back some semblance of their most successful selves. AVB isn’t a boring manager, you only have to look at the way his Porto side played to realise this. Solid yes, but with a knack of punishing opposition with free flowing attacking football as well. Spurs sides of the past were always entertaining but rarely successful, AVB is trying to bring solidity to the side whilst maintaining the creative threat, at the moment he just hasn’t found the correct balance.

Another criticism levelled at Spurs has been the inadequacy of their summer signings. I have heard droves of people label the likes of Lamela, Soldado and Paulinho as flops. Three players that have never played in England and who can barely speak the language, surely from the apprehension of British players to ply their trade abroad you can understand the difficulty of the switch? You only have to watch these individuals playing for their previous clubs and even for their respective countries to realise Spurs have stumbled upon some special talents. Of course the fog of YouTube is marked, we all thought Sergei Rebrov was the next big thing only to be proven completely wrong. Yet these players have all gained acclaim from respected figures the world over, this opinion isn’t based on a grainy video from the web; for me it is only a matter of time before they come good.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I can even understand to an extent the frustrations with AVB’s management style. But for people to call for his head, you need to suggest an alternative. There really aren’t that many candidates out of a job at the moment, would Klinsmann be the answer? I doubt it personally, and unless you want to be unrealistic about top level managers leaving their jobs for Spurs you are then looking at a second tier that contains names as unappealing as Neil Warnock.

Spurs like so many clubs these days are dogged by narrow-minded short-termists, those that when it really comes down to it are all too happy to settle for the flamboyant mediocrity of the past rather than aspire to anything more.

The road ahead for Spurs will be rocky, don’t expect the City game to be a one off. I’m not blinded by the aura of AVB, but I realise the need to give this project time, and when I say time I don’t mean months.

The reality is that we won’t be in a state to judge the successes of the AVB regime for a number of years. Patience is the key

Is it all doom and gloom for Spurs?

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