Clint Dempsey: Footballer, Rapper, Fisherman

Clint Dempsey, Tottenham ForwardMany will have heard of or even played the American card game “Go Fish”. That same phrase could soon become Tottenham head coach Andre Villas-Boas’ advice to his new signing Clint Dempsey should the player’s form drop after some important performances already this season.

In an exclusive with the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Dempsey has revealed this week that his favourite past-time is fishing.

Dempsey, A.K.A. “Deuce”, is also known for his passion for Hip-Hop. The Texan featured under his rapper’s alias on a track used in a Nike advertising campaign for the 2006 World Cup, entitled “Don’t Tread”.

The life of a goal-scoring rapper would appear to have little time for fishing, however Dempsey insists it’s the perfect way to relax.

“Fishing is important to me because it reminds me of growing up. My family used to go on camping trips and always be together doing that kind of stuff.

“The game, it can consume you and it’s a lot of pressure.

“For me it’s being able to shut that off for a little bit and relax and get back to what I used to do as a kid,” he said.

Anyone wandering the banks of the River Lea near White Hart Lane should keep an eye out for a man doing kick-ups, holding a fishing rod and speaking in perfect rhythm as it could be the American ace practicing all of his hobbies at once.