Did this Tottenham star perform the hand of God?

Erik Lamela scored for Tottenham Hotspur to draw his side level against Southampton FC in today’s Premier League game.

But it’s not quite the fact that he scored but how he scored it that’s causing sensation.

Lamela is yet to really shine for Spurs despite signing for the club nearly two years ago. However, the 23-year-old has made the headlines for the wrong reasons today by scoring a goal with what appeared to be his hand.

In fairness to the player, it wasn’t an obvious hand ball where his arm was outstretched to steer the ball in a certain direction. Rather, the ball curled into his limp wrist which, fortunately for the Argentine, cushioned the ball into the far corner.

Did he mean it? Probably not. Was he running towards goal with his arms tucked up like a velociraptor? Yes.

Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur are level on one goal as piece at half time.