Ex Arsenal and Spurs target PULLS HIS OWN SHIRT in attempt to win penalty

Not too long ago diving became such an issue in the English Premier League that you are now booked for attempting to do so. It may seem strange but it wasn’t always like this, as outside the United Kingdom players see conning the referee as something to be congratulated rather than ridiculed.

However as the world moves into the digital era with cameras watching more games being broadcasts to millions on the planet, some players are really being creative in their penalty-gaining efforts.

Take Leandro Damiao for example. The former Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur target was PULLING HIS OWN SHIRT to make it look like it was being tugged while attacking a corner.

Now the FC Santos striker faces an 6-game ban for his misconduct, which is a bit harsh in my opinion.

Will the Gunners or Spurs continue monitoring Damiao after this controversy?