Four hilarious reasons you should be celebrating Spurs star Dele Alli’s 20th birthday

Dele Alli may be one of the youngest stars in the Premier League but today he’s got a little bit older. Well, everybody gets a little bit older every day but today is a real landmark of the ageing process for the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder – his 20th birthday!

It really puts his recent form into perspective. Alli wouldn’t be allowed to legally drinkĀ on the other side of the Atlanic but he’s already a fully fledged England international, almost certain to start for his country at the coming European Championship, and the heartbeat of a Spurs side chasing down Leicester City for the Premier League title.

But that’s more than enough glorification of the action-packed midfielder. Birthdays are supposed to be overflowing with as much embarrassment as possible and regardless of Alli’s performances this season, Football Fancast are determined to fulfil that tradition.

So with that in mind, sit back and enjoy Alli’s birthday with a quick run through of his silliest vines and social media gaffes.


I’m sure you’ve all suffered the humiliating tradition of your family whacking out the baby photos on your birthday, showing them to the missus, your best mates and well.. anyone else they can find to laugh at you.

We don’t have a picture of Alli in nappies but the Tottenham midfielder did post this little gem on Twitter not so long ago – a photo of him selfie-ing up after seemingly raiding the sale rack in TK Max.

It’s hard to decide what’s worse. The banana cardigan, the completely inappropriate rosary beads or those oversized aviators. Probably the aviators.


Less birthday related and considerably less embarrassing. Nonetheless, we at Football Fancast have always been big fans of secret handshakes – especially when they’re pulled off as quickly as this one.


Many a birthday has been spent making eardrums bleed with drunken karaoke – or at the very least, a few terrace anthems yelled out on the walk/stumble home – and fulfilling that tradition today is this cheeky video that popped up on social media a few months ago, showing a once again young Dele Alli pulling off a not-so-perfect rendition of ‘I wish I was a punk rocker’.

And just in case you missed that rather disturbing little face melt right at the end…

Bye, bye Dele!

Oh Dele, you have treated us to some fantastic bantz today, but at this point we must say goodbye and let you enjoy your birthday in peace. We’ll let you see us out with arguably your greatest talent alongside being a footballer – the perfected art of the comedy wave.