Herbert issues warning to Spurs and FA over anti-Semitic chanting

White Hart LanePeter Herbert from the Society of Black Lawyers has warned Tottenham Hotspur that his organisation will make a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police unless the club make more efforts to extinguish anti-Semitic chanting at White Hart Lane, according to the Daily Mail.

Spurs fans are well known for referring to themselves in chants as the ‘Yid Army’, however the connection to the Jewish community has lead to discriminatory chants from opposing fans.

Peter Herbert, an advocate for forming a Black Players Union, has now told reporters: “In discussions with members of the Jewish community, we were made aware that this practice is still continuing and it has to come to an end.

“If neither Tottenham FC nor the FA are willing to take a stand then SBL will report the matter to the Metropolitan Police Service for investigation and, if necessary, prosecution.

“The report will be made if this behaviour does not cease by 20 November. We will have monitors in attendance to observe what occurs.”

The SBL has drawn up its own ten point plan to tackle racism in football, believing the six point plan created by the P.F.A. following the Kick It Out campaign T-shirt boycott will prove to be “ineffective”.

Some of his proposals include a minimum six month ban for racial abuse, guidance for referees to send off players heard using racist language, giving referees the power to call-off games where there is racist chanting from fans and a 20 per-cent positive discrimination quota for the F.A., the P.F.A, football clubs, referees and player’s agents.

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