Ian Holloway delivers outrageous verdict on Pochettino

Tottenham fell out of the title race in a matter of days last week, but former Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway may have gone a bit too far with his comments on Mauricio Pochettino.

It’s been a disastrous week for Spurs in the build-up to the north London derby, as they are now four points further behind leaders Liverpool than they already were.

If the Lilywhites had beaten Burnley then their destiny was techinally in their hands, as wins in all their other games (including at Anfield) would hand them the title.

Things went from bad to worse after the defeat to Burnley though with a lifeless loss at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday, and Holloway has absolutely slammed Pochettino.

What’s he said?

Speaking on TalkSPORT, the 55 year-old was asked if Real Madrid would go for Pochettino.

He said: “Well they (Madrid) are used to winning things, and he hasn’t won anything yet.

“The best in the world they win those games (against Burnley and Chelsea), and he hasn’t won, and it must be getting to him now.

“At the end of the day, as a manager, you can produce the best players in the world and help them get through, but if you haven’t got any wins on your CV then you are not a good manager.”

Does he have a point?

Holloway did draw reference to Pochettino’s attitude towards trophies as well, and he was right to do so.

The charismatic Spurs boss can only get so far by babying his players and insisting that progress is more important than silverware, and he needs to go all the way while he has such a talented core group of players in their primes.

However, for Holloway to say that the Argentinian isn’t a good manager because he hasn’t put a Carabao Cup win on his resume is quite simply outrageous.

Like Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, Pochettino had a remarkable amount of work to do when he arrived at his club, and he has done it almost perfectly so far.

Whether or not the Lilywhites can grab some trophies under his leadership is yet to be seen, but Holloway has absolutely no right to disrespect the incredible job Pochettino has done so far in north London, even if he is incapable of taking the next step over that final hurdle known as success.