Is this the worst Gareth Bale fail ever?

We’ve all seen the tweets and Facebook posts. We’ve all over heard someone in the pub asking the age old question…

“Why doesn’t Gareth Bale get picked for England?”

To someone who doesn’t follow football or know of Gareth Bale’s true nationality, it’s a fairly understandable mistake to make. After all, having played in England for almost his entire career and having an English accent, you’d expect the world’s most expensive player to be just that. English.

But unfortunately for us, he’s not. And I suppose it’s just as unfortunate for Gareth Bale given that his chances of ever representing his country at a World Cup are very, very slim.

And it’s the World Cup that has been the catalyst for this latest Bale Fail (yes, it happens so often it even has it’s own name.)

An Instagram post uncovered today has highlighted a mistake in a Bloomberg report on sponsorship surrounding the World Cup and the way Nike and Adidas have been doing battle for ultimate brand supremacy.

But it’s Gareth Bale’s involvement that has us all hanging our heads in disbelief…


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