Is this Tottenham video the worst football song ever?

Andre Villas-Boas, Tottenham HotspurRemember those adolescent years of awkwardness where you make that journey into adulthood?

If a football-related video could sum this intense period up, this is it. Two Tottenham fans have manage to ruin a song which did very well in this country some years back – boy band Blue’s ‘One Love’.

And the best part is that the two stars of the show think they’re actually pop stars – think of those cringeworthy first auditions on the X Factor and you’ve got the idea.

You’ll be glad to know however, that there are football related lyrics thrown in, which is probably the most creative element of the whole thing. Either that or the fact that the two geeks who conjured this up managed to convince several fellow Tottenham fans to sing along with them in the video. They didn’t even have their faces covered. The lucky few have had their 15 minutes of fame as the video has gone viral. At the same time they have probably been consigned to a lifetime of abuse at the hands of literally anyone with working ears and a brain.

To be fair some of the lyrics do show some creative acumen. A particular favourite is ‘Bentley from the halfway line’. That’s just about the only thing the former Arsenal man did for Spurs. While the crisis at the Emirates continues, at least Gunners fans will take comfort that nothing Wenger or Gazidis does will be as bad as this…

[youtube UTlOKpSrK3Y]