LEAKED! Is this Tottenham’s home shirt for next season?

New shirts being leaked ahead of their intended launch date has become the norm in recent years, particularly with the development of technology that allows people to take and share photos in an instant.

Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have all recently launched next season’s home shirts, but not before they were leaked online by fans having access to them behind the scenes.

And now Tottenham have become the latest to have their new UnderArmour home shirt leaked, albeit in slightly bizarre fashion.

An unknown Asian woman posted a selfie online of her wearing a never seen before Spurs shirt, causing fans to go into speculative overdrive.

Given that UnderArmour potentially have production factories in East Asia, we’re taking a wild guess that the woman in question may work at one of them and has had an exclusive photo shoot with it before anyone else.

What do you think, Spurs fans? If this is the real thing, are you happy with it?

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