Love him or hate him – Tottenham now need to embrace him

Tottenham forward Emmanuel Adebayor

As Tottenham fans wake up today, they should do so safe in the knowledge that their hierarchy have successfully masterminded a blinding transfer window. Streamlining what was a pretty bulky squad, while adding genuine world class quality with the Bale money means that the Premier League club have not only improved but done so without any real financial outlay.

Deadline Day was meant to be another opportunity to offload some of the deadwood and get some experience for the younger players. In the main this materialised during yesterday evening, but what of Emmanuel Adebayor?

A player who has been placed in footballing exile by Villas-Boas and whose future was seemingly destined to be elsewhere by now, still finds himself at the club. Is it time to let him rot in the reserves or do Spurs need to take advantage of the forgotten gem they still possess?

Adebayor has polarised opinion at Spurs for a number of reasons. An ex-Gooner whose eye for money easily trumps his eye for goal. Lazy and apparently self-interested, was he ever really going to be your archetypal club legend?

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So what to do about Ade?

Love him or hate him, on his day Adebayor can muster up moments of quality to turn any game on its head. Chelsea away last season was a prime example of this, where his solo brilliance helped spark a Spurs recovery. But Spurs fans will know these moments have been well concealed by a season of mediocrity that has seen him slip well down the Tottenham pecking order. Maybe it was a mistake to ever hand him a permanent contract, Adebayor the loanee is a totally different prospect.

Perhaps herein lies the problem, Adebayor would appear from his summer murmurings to be all too happy to sit on the bench racking up the pay-cheques. Can Spurs still garner some kind of value out of the Togolese frontman?

Adebayor will never be first choice now, you don’t spend £26million on a world-class striker and expect him to sit on the bench. Adebayor does however have a potential role off the bench for Spurs in the coming year. While Defoe offers a bit more pace and an eye for goal late on, Adebayor will offer Spurs the option to go a little more direct if they see fit. Neither Defoe nor Soldado can play as a target man, and as such Spurs will be forced to play their way in behind the backline more deliberatively.  By contrast, Adebayor is pretty decent holding the ball up and causing a nuisance to defenders, if Spurs were 1-0 down in the last 10 at Stoke could he not present an option?

The point is Adebayor offers something that Spurs do not already possess, and for that reason it is worth putting the animosity behind.

Andre Villas-Boas is also trying to cultivate a real sense of togetherness at Spurs, you can see that from the way the squad are with one another. Do you really want a sulking Adebayor around the training ground? It just sends out totally the wrong message. Even if the aim is still to sell Adebayor going forward, his reincorporation into the first team could be crucial for Spurs in the short term.  A long list of cup games to look forward to, Adebayor would hardly be rotting away on his salary if he shared the burden with Defoe.

Embracing Adebayor extend past the clubs management, the will needs to be there from the fans. Too often last season Adebayor was thrust into a toxic atmosphere on a weekly basis, somewhat self-inflicted I would add as well. Would Spurs fans be willing to give Adebayor another chance for the sake of the whole team?

If Spurs don’t want to embrace Adebayor this season they may as well just terminate his contract. Pay him whatever contribution they make to his salary up front and let him enjoy himself elsewhere rather than at Spurs. But this is unlikely, Adebayor will no doubt be a Spurs player for the coming few months and therefore rather than waste someone who is still an asset, they must at least try to utilise his abilities. Dare I say it but an injury to Soldado and fans may well be wishing they embraced the Togolese frontman a lot sooner.

Would you afford Adebayor another chance at Spurs?

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