Not a transfer necessity for Tottenham

It will come as no shock to anyone that Mr Bargain Deal himself Harry Redknapp is looking to enter into the January transfer window. What may come as a shock is that instead of looking to get a cut price deal for a player, Harry is considering what can only be described as a marquee signing – someone who is a little bit ‘special’ and who would cost the big bucks.

Yet do Spurs really need such a big signing to show people the progress that they have made in the recent seasons – becoming actual title contenders this time around. The progress that Spurs have made since Redknapp took charge, and even since the signings of Parker, Friedel and Adebayor in the summer have meant that the North London side have begun to wake up from being one of football’s biggest  sleeping giants, and can make a claim for a top four spot this season with ease.

The special player that has been talked about is Carlos Tevez, yet Redknapp seems doubtful over this, and that can only be described as a good thing, with Tevez a disruptive force where ever he seems to go, and Spurs need that like a hole in the head.

It is partly their collective mentality and team ethos that has seen them do so well, and the signing of a big name – and with that will come big egos – could well rock the boat in a way they do not want.

Another thing that must be acknowledged is the fact that they managed to retain Luka Modric in the summer, and this is more of a signal of new times to come for Spurs – being a club that no longer has to sell big names – than a big January signing which could more than likely be a flop – just think back to Carroll and Torres!

Spurs this season are not only financially secure but are also more than looking decent prospects in the league. Couple this with the fact that they are playing good football in attack and have finally learnt how to shore things up at the back, and you have a very good team and a very bright future.

People are sitting up and taking notice of Redknapp’s side, and adding an overpriced and overpaid ‘star’ in January will not make much difference to this. Yes, if the right player at the right price comes along, Spurs are more than entitled to go for it, but buying for the sake of having a ‘star’ on their books is something that would do far more harm than good.



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