Revealed: 81% of Tottenham fans dispute Wenger’s claim about selling Kane

There is something of a symmetry about Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal just as their bitter North London rivals Tottenham embark on the very project that hamstrung the Frenchman’s ability to provide success for so long; moving to a brand-new stadium.

There were years of austerity at the Arsenal for an extended period following the move to the Emirates Stadium; leaving the Gunners unable to mount a real title challenge and forced to sell their best players due to the greater financial packages and trophy aspirations on offer elsewhere.

That may leave Wenger uniquely qualified to comment on the challenges of keeping a North London side competitive while overseeing a stadium move and he commented that Spurs may be forced to sell Harry Kane to fund the new arena ahead of his final game at the helm of Arsenal.

We asked you whether there were any weight in Wenger’s argument but the response was fairly conclusive.

81 per cent of Spurs fans feel that they can afford their new home without the sale of the talismanic Kane and you can check out the full results of the poll below…