Shoot more in games: Tottenham fans react to Erik Lamela goal

On Thursday, Tottenham Hotspur’s official Twitter account posted a video of Erik Lamela scoring a pretty special goal inside the club’s new stadium.

Granted, there were no defenders to stop him, but the Argentine still managed to pick out the top corner with a fine effort.

The problem, however, is that Lamela has only managed four Premier League goals for Tottenham during the 2018-19 campaign.

There is no question that the 27-year-old is a talent, but an overall scoring record of 29 in 185 games for Tottenham in all competitions is not exactly terrific.

And the Spurs fans were not impressed with the attacker’s strike on Thursday.

Indeed, in response to the video, a number of the club’s supporters took to social media to ask why the South American is unable to produce similar strikes in actual games.

The same thing actually happened to Liverpool’s Adam Lallana earlier this week, but a selection of the reaction to Lamela’s effort can be seen below: