Spurs ace shows off silky skills as CL goalkeeper goes full-on Matrix

Those football fanatics who frequent YouTube will probably have already come across the F2 Freestylers – freestyle tricksters who are always hanging out with the Premier League’s top talent.

In their latest instalment, F2 met up with Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield wizz Dele Alli to combat a common problem every five-a-side footballer faces – what to do when you’re trapped in the corner with the ball at your feet.

Old School footballers, like myself, take the Darren Ferguson approach – give the defender nipping at your heels and clambering over your back a nice sharp elbow right on the nose.

But such antics are frowned upon nowadays – in fact, they were even frowned upon during Darren Ferguson’s days – so F2, with the help of Alli, have come up with some more skillful strategies to escape from such situations.

But the real selling point of this video is what happens after. F2’s representatives in Spain met up with Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas and took a few penalties against him with one stipulation – the Costa Rica No.1 would be blindfolded.

So saving a penalty without the aid of sight should be near impossible right? Well, not for Navas! Neo from The Matrix would be proud of this save…