Spurs fans attack Wise for harsh criticism

Dennis Wise says Tottenham are still not the best club in London after their fantastic win at Stamford Bridge, and Spurs fans are having absolutely none of it.

Tottenham moved eight points clear of Chelsea with their historic win at Stamford Bridge, but according to Dennis Wise they are still not the best club in London.

Wise made 332 league appearances for the Blues, scoring 53 goals, and says Spurs need to win trophies to be considered on Chelsea’s level.

“In league position yes, but if you look at trophies over the last 10 years compared to Arsenal and Chelsea, no they are not,” said Wise on Sky Sports’ debate show.

“They are a in real decent position, progressed, and they are getting there, but I don’t think they’re near Chelsea at the moment.”

Spurs progressed to the same level of the Champions League as Chelsea, and are also 13 points clear of Arsenal in the league.

“They are in a bad situation [Chelsea] since January and Spurs have nicked that spot off of Chelsea, but it has happened before and Chelsea bounced back and won the league, so I can’t say Spurs are the number one club.”

While Wise has a point that Spurs have to start adding some silverware to their cabinet, it seems absurd to question their validity as one of London’s best clubs considering recent results.

Of course, Mauricio Pochettino’s men have an FA Cup semi-final to come, so could yet quash the Chelsea legend’s comments before this season even ends.

Whether they add silverware this season or not though, Spurs fans are having absolutely none of the comments from Wise, and have been lashing into the ex-Chelsea man on Twitter.

Some of the best reactions can be found below…