Spurs star epically trolled after Twitter gaffe

Oh Harry Kane, you don’t do yourself any favours, do you?

The Spurs man is a great striker, boasts a fantastic goalscoring record, appears to be a likable chap and looks set to go from strength to strength over the coming years, but it’s hard to think he’s not… well… a bit dim.

We’re sure Kane is no idiot, but he’s dropped some clangers in the past, such as beaming about winning “three points”… in a cup game. And he’s been up to his old tricks again over the past 24 hours, by tweeting his “love” for FIFA 17, which was accompanied by a picture of the game still in its plastic wrapping!

With Twitter being an unforgiving place, fans immediately let rip, slamming Kane’s choice of picture (we’re sure he’s actually played it!) and having a pop at his grammar skills…

Fair play to Kane, though, he responded to the digs in good spirits, claiming that the picture had been taken a few days before release.

Still, some fans were not bothered about the wrapper or the misuse of ‘there’ – instead opting to question Kane on why his virtual representation made some odd transfers during their own gaming experiences…