Top 10 ‘transfers’ that confuse Tottenham fans

Every so often, your team makes an absolutely inexplicable signing. United may never provide an explanation for the purchase of Bebe last year and the Gunners likewise with Amaury Bischoff in 2008, so who are Tottenham’s most baffling signings since the Premier League began?

It is important to distinguish between Spurs worst signings and their most inexplicable. Jason Dozzell features in most Tottenham fans nightmare elevens but when he was signed he was considered a great talent so he’s not making this list. This criteria will automatically shorten the list, it is not the practice of football clubs to knowingly spend money on someone pants, still it is amazing how often they do.

All of these signings must have been closely followed by the question ‘why did we sign him?’ These are the players that make you question the value of a scouting network or even its existence. The top ten players that were never going to make the grade but were signed anyway.

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