Tottenham are succeeding where everyone else has failed…

Second in the Premier League, three points behind the leaders Leicester and three points ahead of rivals Arsenal.

Throw that into the pot and add some Europa League success and it looks like it is the best season for many a decade to be a Spurs fan right now.

The manager who brought in his own philosophy and bought the right players to make that work, has said: “Nobody speaks about the title in our dressing room. We believe we can win every game and we’ll see what happens.”

43-year-old Pochettino, in his second season as Tottenham boss, is stealing a march over the usual top four clubs this year and could win the club it’s first Premier League title, while those around him are faltering.

“It is not important that Arsenal lost,” said Pochettino to Sky Sports. “What is important is our own performance and there are still 11 Premier League games ahead.”

The young academy players are also getting a look in at White Hart Lane and that can only bode well for the club’s future in a world of extortionate transfer fees.

The danger for every other Premier League club is that the more Tottenham play, the stronger they seem to get and there seems no end to their form, either in the domestic league or in Europe. Fiorentina are no push-overs in Serie A, yet Spurs swept them aside.

They have shown resilience and a spirit of never say die, their comeback over Swansea City last weekend underlined their stoic play. It also proved they can win without Harry Kane. Alarm bells should be sounding across the Premier League, as Spurs will undeniably push Leicester all the way, whatever the other clubs are doing.

Borussia Dortmund are next in Europe for Spurs and will provide a sterner test for the men from North London, but there is every expectation that the good news will just keep coming for Spurs fans.

It’s not all plain sailing, though. Once you start to make a name for yourself, other clubs take notice. Last summer, Manchester United were meant to be interested in Harry Kane – now they could be interested in the Spurs manager instead.

Pochettino said recently: “My focus is here, to try for success at Tottenham and to work hard. That’s all about rumours. I don’t mind, we are supposed to receive the rumours and we are in a media that all is about rumours.

“But I don’t care about that. I always work for the present and the future. I’m very happy here. We’ve created after 18 months a very good group, with a strong basis for success in the future and I’m very happy.

Not only are times good for Spurs fans on the field, but off the field as well. Their £400million new stadium has edged another step closer after the club’s plans were approved by the Mayor of London.

Spurs hope to complete the 61,000 capacity stadium for the 2018-19 season and Boris Johnson has now given the thumbs up to the scheme, which received the backing of Haringey Council in December.

However, the famous old club needs more than to just get into the Champions League here or there. They could be in the mix every season. They are also highly ambitious and capable of so much.

They attract quality players and only now need to build on the stability of the club by keeping Pochettino and buying a player that adds that extra dimension to the squad.

This, in effect, is a team worth watching in the future because they are possibly the only team that could consistently break up the supposed big four.