Tottenham Hotspur fans disagree with Bentley’s reason for why he failed at the club

David Bentley spent five years of his playing career at Tottenham Hotspur but he was sent out on loan four times before leaving the club permanently in 2013.

After leaving the North London outfit, the winger struggled to find a new club and as a result decided to retire from the professional game a year later.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the 33-year-old discussed the trials and tribulations of his career, and at one point suggested that his public soaking of then-manager Harry Redknapp led to the end of his time at Spurs.

After the club qualified for Champions League football after beating Manchester City, Bentley led a group of players to the interview area with a bucket of water.

The winger ended up drenching Redknapp while he was doing a live television interview, and it did not go down well with the manager.

From that point onwards, Bentley had limited game time as he made just two more Premier League appearances before loan stints at Birmingham City, West Ham United, Rostov and Blackburn Rovers.

While the winger seems to think that his water antics led to his downfall at Tottenham, the fans think differently.

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